Should Install 5kw Solar System For Medium House?

Energy outage is the main issue and the higher electricity bills. If you find the solution for these two issues, install a 5kw solar system. But the 5kw system works in a medium-sized home and it also depends pond the family member and their usage of electricity.

If you have 4 people in a medium-sized home it is best for you to select the 5kw solar system. Further, you can visit for more detail about the 5kw solar system.

What Are The Requirements For Using The 5Kw Solar System?

When you are going to install a 5kw solar system you need to fulfill some requirements. If you are installed according to these requirements it works efficiently and produces an amount of electricity.

The house member should be 5 to 8 in a medium size home. You can also install it in little forms and remote areas. Moreover, you must require a standby emergency power. If you complete these requirements your solar system work well.

How to Select the Solar Panels for a 5kw Solar System?

When you are selecting the panels for the solar system. If you consider these things your system will produce a good amount of electricity and work efficiently. It requires many things to consider. These are the following:

  • The efficiency and the size of the panels.
  • Its warranty and durability are also the main things to consider.
  • Select high-quality durable panels for solar systems.

Which Is The Right Inverter For a 5kw Solar System?

It depends on the inverter to convert the DC electricity into AC. if the inverter is working good solar system works well. These are the factors that need to consider:

  • The inverter should be reliable and efficient.
  • It must be compatible with the solar panels.
  • The invert must have built-in surge protection.

How to Maintain a 5kw Solar System for Efficient Working?

If you want that the solar system works efficiently and produce optimal electricity, you need to maintain and clean it on a daily basis.

  • You need to clean the system on a daily base and keep clean the dirt from it.
  • Needs to check the battery systems and their levels.
  • Must monitor the production of electricity.

How Many Panels Are Needs For A 5Kw Solar System?

Although it depends on the usage of the electricity, a 5kw produces 50000w of electricity. As a rough average for 5kw, you need 13 to 20 panels. However, there is a certain range and according to this, you can select the pebbles.

For instance, if the power output is 200 you need 25 panels, for 250, need 20, for 300 to 350 need 17 to 15 panels and for 400 needs 13 panels for a 5kw solar system.


The solar system is cost-effective and helps in power outage periods. But you need to install a solar system according to the size of your home and family members. It must also consider the usage of electricity. So if you have medium size home 5kw is the best choice in this regard. If you keep maintaining the solar system it works efficiently.